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Magnolia Grandiflora Teddy Bear

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Sun - Part Shade  / 3-4M Height - 1.5-2M wide in the first 10 years 

Teddy Bear TM is a very compact grower with an upright, conical habit and reaches 3-4m in height and 1.5- 2m in width in the first 10 years. Teddy Bear TM has small to medium, shiny, dark green oval leaves. The leaf back is reddish-brown and heavily felted. When plants are 3-4 years old they produce flowers from November to May. These lovely fragrant white flowers are 150-200mm wide. This wonderful Magnolia blooms best and retains its compact, conical shape when grown in part shade to full sun. 

  • Beautiful screening plant • Excellent as a trimmed hedge • Ideal tub plant • Stunning single feature tree Easy Step Planting Guide • Dig hole 3 times container size • Amend natural soil with equal parts compost • Remove the plant from the container and lightly loosen roots • Water in thoroughly • Mulch to a depth of 5-8cm Easy Care Maintenance • Fertilise in Spring with an application of 12-14 month controlled-release fertiliser • If needed, prune to shape in Spring before new growth appears • Deep watering once a week in hot, dry periods